Redefining engineering psychology: Designing gestural car HMI for luxury car buyers

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Authors: Chujin HuLi ZhaoYuxin ChenYuchen ZhangYuxuan DaiSibo GaoZhejun ZhangRuonan HuangLingjie WuLu WangWei Liu

Abstract: As the proportion of glazing on the surface of a car further increases, efficient and pleasant human factors between people and glazing become more critical. This study focuses on wealthy buyers with disgust emotion during in-car user journeys, as assigned by the corporate partner. The research team explores specific contexts in an empathetic way and uncovers context-specific pain points and opportunities. A prototype is designed to monitor and prevent scratching and protect passengers' privacy. Gestural or sound interactions are explored through brainstorming, bodystorming, and quick user testing. A visionary video scenario is provided to guide researchers and engineers to implement the interaction designs.

Keywords: Engineering Psychology, HCI, Emotions, Interactive Glazing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001648

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