Design, Robotics and Co-Working. A Human-Centric Perspective on Fifth Industrial Revolution

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Elena LaudanteFabrizio FormatiMario Buono

Abstract: In recent years, the introduction of collaborative robotic solutions is constantly revolutionizing and innovating production processes by identifying new types of physical, cognitive, sensory, social and emotional interaction between user-operator and robot aimed at enhancing human capital. Starting from the preliminary study already realized on the different user-robot collaboration categorizations present in the literature (Formati et al, 2021), the new contribution, through the review of the still insufficient regulatory framework, ergonomic factors and robotic systems existing in the manufacturing field, returns the definition of further specifications about the collaboration modalities. In the current technological ecosystem, through the discipline of design is possible to prefigure and reinforce the collaborative processes through the introduction of new protocols and tools to support the regulatory standards, synthesis and evolution of the investigated categorizations, in order to optimize the production system as a whole and improve the working conditions of the operator with the robotic systems in terms of predictability, reliability, and usability.

Keywords: Collaborative categories, Intelligent systems, Robotic standards, Manufacturing 5.0, Human-centric approach.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001653

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