Assessment of Flower Stand and the Sensory Experience in Horticultural Activities

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Meng-Cong ZhengChingi ChenIwen Yen

Abstract: This study explored how the five senses can enhance the efficacy of activities in horticultural courses. In combination with a redesigned flower stand, the present study designed course content suitable for Taiwan's sensory gardens and horticultural activities. The study was conducted in three stages: (1) evaluation of the usability of the flower stand through non-participatory observation and interviews; (2) a plant–sense combination experiment conducted using plants recommended by a horticultural therapist, and the research participants were asked to evaluate the sensory stimulation of the plants; and (3) a sensory horticultural course experiment in which older adults with dementia used the redesigned flower stand. This study showed the sensory experience of older adults as affected by each plant in the horticultural class. The aged are satisfied with the new flower stands and matching plant combinations. Those can be widely integrated into community care in the future to achieve the goal of local aging.

Keywords: Sensory Experience, Horticultural Activities, Older Adults, Flower Stand

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001657

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