Design Research of Elderly-oriented Cultural and Creative Products Based on User Analysis

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Wei DingShanshan Sun

Abstract: Research and analyse the development trend of cultural and creative product design in the context of active ageing, pay attention to the daily needs and emotional needs of the elderly, and study the characteristics of cultural and creative product design serving elderly users. The principles of elderly-oriented design for cultural and creative products are reasonably applied and appropriately grasped, and the age-appropriate design system is continuously improved. Combine the contents of user experience design science and other contents, propose an elderly-oriented design strategy for cultural and creative products that pays attention to the physical and mental health of the elderly, and provide new ideas for ageing cultural and creative design. The study shows that while developing the consumption market for middle and upper knowledgeable people, cultural and creative products can also turn to age stratification and focus part of their attention on the elderly who have a sense of affinity with traditional culture, contributing to the promotion of the process of active ageing.

Keywords: cultural and creative design; population aging; elderly-oriented design; emotional design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001658

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