Factors Affecting Organization's Impression in Hiring Persons with Disability in the Manufacturing Industry

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Authors: Felisa Carmella DizonJustine Ann EsguerraJoseph Angelo San GabrielRamon Gabriel GomezCarlos Ignacio Jr Lugay

Abstract: Persons with Disabilities (PWD) are those with long-term impairments such as physical, mental, intellectual, and sensory disablement according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In the Philippines, a total of 1.44 million people live with disabilities and as of 2013, only 57.1% of them are employed. Moreover, 10.8% of the employed PWDs belong to the manufacturing sector. However, even with these numbers, people cannot deny that there are still companies who do not consider hiring PWDs even though studies show this may give benefits to them. With that, this study aims to determine the effects of age, sex, educational attainment, skills, and the type of impairment to an organization’s impression in hiring PWDs in the manufacturing industry. The researchers identified ‘Company Impression’ as the dependent variable in the study, where its independent variables are the demographic factors such as ‘Age’, ‘Sex’, and ‘Educational Attainment’, ‘Skills’, and ‘Type of Impairment’. In order to collect sufficient data to be analyzed in the study, survey questionnaires were handed out to HR recruitment employees of manufacturing companies in the Luzon island. A Structural Equation Model analysis was utilized in order to determine how the independent variables affect the dependent variable. Moreover, to ensure the accuracy and precision of the results, several softwares for data analysis was utilized such as the MS Excel and SPSS AMOS.

Keywords: PWD, Employment, Company Impression, Disability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001667

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