Factors Influencing the Elderly’s Acceptance of Online Health Education Courses in Chronic Disease Based on DEMATEL Method

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Authors: Rui SunChunrong Liu

Abstract: Online health education courses for chronic diseases are an important tool for the prevention of aging diseases. Analyzing the factors influencing the acceptance of the online courses by the elderly will help improve the design of the courses and make the elderly more willing to use this kind of health education courses.This study takes 60-75-year-old Chinese urban elderly as the research object, and collects relevant influencing factors through literature research. These factors are extracted, filtered and organized at three levels: visceral level, behavioral level and reflective level, resulting in 11 factors that influence the elderly’s acceptance of online education courses on chronic diseases. The Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) methodology was used in the study for user research and quantitative analysis.The results show that: (1) "subjective motivation", "technical acceptance" and "difficulty of operation" are the key factors affecting the acceptance of online chronic disease health education courses by the elderly. (2) "course price", "social support" and "course duration" are factors that have a strong influence on other factors.This research provides new perspectives and positive suggestions for the development of online health education courses for chronic diseases in the context of an aging society.

Keywords: the elderly, online health education courses for chronic diseases, acceptance, DEMATEL

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001671

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