Playful Approach Methods for Children with Special Educational Needs based on Interactive Connected Devices

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: David Moscoso - MontenegroLuis Serpa-Andrade

Abstract: Children who have some kind of disability or learning problem usually require more time and different methods in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills compared to children who has any condition. The playful approach has been a consistent way to address these special educational needs, often with the use of tools such as toys, interfaces or devices in order to adapt or assist their learning process. The evolution of these educational tools has been noticeable especially in recent years with the addition of latest advancements in technology providing very helpful resources for both students and teachers, a new paradigm has appeared and has opened a lot of possibilities. A key point is the data acquiring and processing to monitor and adapt the path of the learning progress. This study presents the state of the art of the methods used to implement the playful approach with interactive connected devices.

Keywords: SEN, Playful Approach, Teaching, Disability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001677

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