Mental Fog and Ergonomics: Approaches and Interactions

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sandra Sueli Vieira Mallin

Abstract: The work initially presents a conceptual approach on Mental Fog, Menopause, Cognition and Work and makes a correlation between their necessary interactions. From this point of view, it is demonstrated the little emphasis that has been given to the subject when addressing the health of working women in menopause in the field of Ergonomics. Many women report forgetfulness events at this time of life that hinder their quality of life and their work performance. Sometimes this forgetfulness has been associated with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and in times of a pandemic the mental fog has been reported as a residual effect of Covid-19, but few doctors consider the association of these events with the so-called "mental fog" typical of the drop in estrogen in the female body during menopause. The research, of exploratory nature, sought to analyze through a bibliometric study in renowned databases, approaches or lack of them in scientific articles that consider mental fog as an important factor to be addressed in the scope of Ergonomics. Seven articles from a total of 38 retrieved documents were analyzed. The results point to a significant gap in the proposed theme.

Keywords: Mental Fog, Ergonomics, Health and Wellness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001681

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