Evaluation of local muscular load on the forearm in industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ilona KačerováMarek BuresJana KleinováFilip RybnikárPavel Vránek

Abstract: The paper is focused on influence of the upper limb position on the forearm iEMG activity. The paper describes the methodology of measurement and assessment of local muscle load in production workers with a detailed focus on the influence of the position of the upper limbs and the loads handled, because ergonomics affects not only the productivity of workers, but also their health. The paper contains the results of measurements on a group of 180 research participants aged 20-65 years. To understand the links between these activities, it was necessary to implement experimental measurements in laboratory conditions where probands performed controlled movements with different weights. The experimental results were then statistically evaluated and verified to determine the specific conclusions of the paper. It is a continuation of research that has already been described in the paper "Influence of the upper limb position on the forearm EMG activity – Preliminary Results".

Keywords: iEMG, muskuloskeletal disorders, industrial workers, ergonomics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001664

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