User Experience of Visual Perception for Smart Central Control System

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hongyu LiChien-Hsiung Chen

Abstract: Intelligent technology changes the world, promotes the integration and development of industries, and changes people's way of life and form. The smart home central control system, which is closely related to our daily life, is comfortable, safe, highly stable, and reliable. This research purpose was to explore the affordance of gender visual perception for the interface design of a smart central control system. The experimental was adopted a 2 x 3 mixed factorial design to help explore whether different gender and operation modes may affect users’ visual perception. We employed convenience sampling and recruited a total of 12 participants to participate in this experiment. The experimental data were collected in relation to task performance using the system usability scale (SUS), subjective evaluations, and semi-structured interviews. The generated results revealed that: (1) The task performance shows that the interface design of the smart home central control system affects the participants' visual perception. (2) Females generally believe that the three smart home central control system interface designs are logical and innovative. (3) There was an interaction between gender and operation mode, the logic and innovation of the operation interface affected participants' perception of interaction.

Keywords: Smart home, Central control system, Visual perception, User experience, Interaction design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001694

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