Value analysis of a smart product design by using bigdata mining

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Authors: Nan HuJianghong ZhaoDanhua Zhao

Abstract: Objective Put forward the value focus analysis and design method based on big data to help designers and enterprises effectively deal with and apply big data, anchor the design value and product definition through value focus, and develop popular products in the market.Method Mainly using the methods of literature research and case analysis, this paper studies the value focus and value transmission process of big data cleaning, and puts forward a product design method based on big data value focus. Result Based on the value focus of big data, the feasible and practical process of product design from big data analysis to value focus and then to design scheme is obtained, that is, big data cleaning, big data sorting and big data decision-making, mining business value, product value and user value and corresponding value interval, and proposing from big data cleaning to value focus (value and value interval), And the design process model of generating product definition and conceptual prototype.Conclusion By focusing on the value of big data to generate design value and product definition, and returning to the essence of design problems and value problems, it is a way and design method to fully face the market and realize the design of popular products. Product design based on big data value focus is a full design cycle design method with clear structure and strong operability, which can realize complete value transmission through effective design process.

Keywords: big data, Value focus, Value transmission, Product definition

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001696

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