The influence of music on colour preference in vehicle environment

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Authors: Yusen ZhuAo JiangJunbo DongYeming PangYuqing LiuJiacheng LiuXiang YaoStephen WestlandCaroline Hemingray

Abstract: Many experiments have proved that vision and hearing effect each other in many ways, and this phenomenon is of great significance to design (Zhang,2019)(Anderson,2014). Among the design of car cockpit, color is one of the most important elements of cockpit visual design, and different color directly affect people's experience in the cockpit (Satake,2011). We selected eight colors in study which are red, yellow, orange, blue, green, cyan, white and gray, and each color was set to two brightness levels and three music modes: non music, light music and bass-heavy music. Meanwhile, we used a head-mounted virtual reality display (HMD) to simulate the in-car environment, and assessed 55 participants on their level of color preference. In study we found that music changed people's preference for the color of the car cockpit environment and the degree of color preference was related to the type of music.Reference:[1]Zhang, Y., Liu, P., Han, B., Xiang, Y. and Li, L., 2019. Hue, chroma, and lightness preference in Chinese adults: Age and gender differences. Color Research & Application, 44(6), pp.967-980.[2]Anderson, P.W. and Zahorik, P., 2014. Auditory/visual distance estimation: accuracy and variability. Frontiers in psychology, 5, p.1097.[3]Satake, I., Xin, J.H., Tianming, T., Hansuebsai, A., Ando, K., Sato, T., Kajiwara, K. and Ohsawa, S., 2011. A comparative study of the emotional assessment of automotive exterior colors in Asia. Progress in Organic Coatings, 72(3), pp.528-540.

Keywords: music, colour, Automobile cabin design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001686

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