Voice interaction design of intelligent wearable device in elderly exercise and health scene

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Authors: Li YijunHui Zhang

Abstract: Health monitoring is a significant application scenario of intelligent wearable devices. In the ear of an aging society and intelligent elderly care, the weak physical function of the elderly will drive their demand for intelligent wearable devices and become an important user group in this field. Related products will carry out differentiated designs according to the characteristics and demands of elderly user groups. Under the vertical segmentation of scenes, the user experience will continue to upgrade, and the continuous innovation of interaction methods is also accelerating. Especially with the development of technology, AI improves the interaction ability and data value, and the requirements for voice interaction are improved. Voice is the natural interaction channel of intelligent wearable devices and the natural interaction mode of the elderly. However, at present, less research focuses on the voice interaction of smartwatches, especially on the sound details in different scenes. Based on the elderly exercise and health scene, this study explores the voice interaction design of smartwatches to put forward the corresponding voice interaction model and user experience design suggestions and promote reference in the field of voice interaction of intelligent wearable devices.

Keywords: Voice interaction、Intelligent wearable device、 Elderly exercise and health

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001708

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