Usability evaluation of mobile navigation for the elderly

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xiaodong GongZekun WangQian GongHuiran Xie

Abstract: Mobile navigation has become a necessary tool for people to travel around because it provides functions such as GPS positioning, spot information, route navigation, etc. However, when using mobile navigation, the elderly often encounters problems like complex operation process and difficulties in learning.Focusing on the elderly, the influence factors on usability of mobile navigation are evaluated in this research. As a result, a usability evaluation system of mobile navigation for the elderly was conducted, which is composed of 3 dimensions (effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction), 7 first-level indicators (learnability, ease of use, memorability, etc.) and 14 second-level indicators (ease of learning, effectiveness of help functions, ease of operation, etc.). Using the usability evaluation system, this research evaluates the usability of some mobile navigation products, and puts forward design suggestions for product optimization.This research applies the usability theory to the evaluation of mobile navigation for the elderly. It is hoped that this research can provide reference for the age-friendly design of related products, so as to make it more convenient for the elderly to use mobile navigation and make their traveling easier.

Keywords: Mobile navigation, usability evaluation, the elderly people, interface design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001714

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