Designing Meaningful Interactions for Social Innovation: An Application of Design Thinking

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Liang Tan

Abstract: This paper aims to explore how design thinking as a methodology can facili-tate interaction design for social innovation. Design thinking is an interdisci-plinary approach to developing human-centered products, services, and expe-riences. Following the approaches of design thinking and research through design, we conducted an interaction design workshop with the topics of UN global goals. A series of works were developed through a design workshop in consideration of three social innovation topics. The findings show that de-sign thinking is an applicable methodology in interaction design practice. We propose that interaction designers and researchers should develop their own design thinking mode and establish their place in the design research. Limita-tions and future work are also presented.

Keywords: Design thinking, Social innovation, Interaction design methods

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001725

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