Interactive design based on five senses solution for the externalization of pain sensation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zizhong HuaJing Luo

Abstract: Pain is the most common cause of the elderly entering the medical system, and according to the survey, the elderly who visit the clinic due to chronic pain account for 44% (Tao et al., 2017). So the pain assessment for the elderly has become particularly important, but with the aging of the cognitive ability and behavior of the elderly, it has become difficult to communicate with doctors. This paper is based on the existing tools of pain assessment, starting from the interaction design based on the five senses, using questionnaire survey and in-depth interview, combining the cognitive thinking and behavior characteristics of the elderly. The design of tools of pain assessment suitable for the elderly was concluded, and finally the design scheme is proposed based on the conclusion. Keywords: Doctor-patient Communication, Pain Feelings, Interaction Design, Five Senses, The Elderly, Pain Assessment

Keywords: doctor-patient communication, pain feelings, interactive design, five senses

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001727

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