Evaluation of Online Education Service System Based on User Emotional Valence

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xuemei HeNing Song

Abstract: In the post-epidemic era, online education has developed rapidly. In order to improve the experience of online education services, this research uses user emotional valence as an evaluation variable to explore the evaluation methods of online education service systems. First, use the interactive contact matrix to deconstruct the system service interface, and set the evaluation indicators of the online education service system from the user and the user, the user and the system. Secondly, taking Tencent Classroom as the research object, based on the user's emotional evaluation, an online education service system evaluation experiment is designed. Taking learners' emotional pleasure, arousal, dominance, satisfaction and importance as measurement indicators, the multi-dimensional evaluation of the online education service system is completed. Finally, an online education service system evaluation model is constructed to provide a basis for system iterative optimization. At the same time, it provides effective ideas and feasible suggestions for enhancing the interest of online education services and users' learning initiative and enthusiasm.

Keywords: emotional valence, online education, service evaluation, PAD emotional model

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001734

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