English Pronunciation IPA mobile Application

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Authors: Cesar GuevaraDorys Maribel Cumbe CoraizacaMike David Nunez MoralesVicente Bolívar Guzmán Bárcenes

Abstract: Technology has helped learners with their pronunciation at the moment of conveying a message, making it easier for them of English to communicate better. Hence, this research was conducted, with the objective to establish to analyze the relationship between the English Pronunciation mobile app in the pronunciation of the English language of students of third level from CTT de los Andes Language Center. To achievethe objectives, a mixed approach methodology was used, which included thirty students divided into two groups. One group was experimental, in which the strategy was applied and the other was controlled, in which the strategy was not applied. Both groups were evaluated using a rubric from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for the pre-test and post-test. After the pre-test, an introductory class to phonemes was given to the students. The next step for the experimental group was to get instructions on how to use the mobile app, which helped users with the recognition, awareness and production of English sounds. The development of this study showed that using the mobile app English pronunciation IPA benefits the improvement of the pronunciation from students of the experimental group. After the time period of the experiment, the segmental features of pronunciation used by students, were reinforced with the use of the mobile app.

Keywords: Value chain, quality, ISO 9001:2015, continuous improvement methods

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001736

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