Gamification Design of Traditional Chinese Culture Applications Based on FAHP

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Dandan Li

Abstract: This study focuses on the innovative design of Chinese traditional culture APPs, around the gamification design elements of traditional culture, aiming to improve the user experience of traditional culture APPs and promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture. Based on the theme of traditional culture products, user needs and design elements of traditional culture gamification product design are extracted and analyzed through a literature review. Based on the five elements of user experience, a hierarchical index model for evaluating the gamification design of Chinese traditional culture APP was established using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP); based on multiple questionnaire evaluations by the expert group, the weight values of each evaluation index were calculated and the importance ranking of each index was determined. Then the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of each scheme was conducted to select the optimal design scheme. The evaluation results show that several factors that have the greatest influence on the gamification design of traditional culture APP are a clear rule system, achievement incentives for people, and visual design that follows the aesthetics of traditional culture. The design elements at different levels in the traditional culture APP were calculated and compared using fuzzy hierarchical analysis, and the priority ranking of the design elements was derived, which can enable designers to better understand users' design preferences for the traditional culture APP. Meanwhile, the traditional culture APP gamification design evaluation model can help evaluate the user experience of the culture APP and help designers make better decisions.

Keywords: FAHP, Design evaluation, Traditional Chinese culture, Gamification design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001743

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