Paper Retracted: Human factors engineering to improve customers services quality using monte carlo method

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Salah Elshourbagy

Abstract: Due to the importance that this research revolves around improvement and satisfaction with the services provided to customers, it has been escalating recently by using human factors engineering to give sustainability in the processes of improving service quality by providing optimal service in a systematic framework to reduce losses and customer complaints. Therefore, this research is the use of the Monte Carlo method to predict the opinions of customers by using a random sample representing a community receiving services in supermarkets by taking a sample of units that represent these services such as supermarkets, fast food and health care. Through the results, this research was able to predict what the customers' opinions will be when the customers reach 10,000 visitors from customers who frequent visit these integrated malls. Therefore, this research lays down a systematic plan to improve the quality and service of customers when customers increase to a huge number.

Keywords: Human Factor Monte carlo, prognostics, services

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001751

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