User Experience and Service Mode of Telecare System with Handheld Devices

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Authors: Che Liang-YuanChien-Hsiung Chen

Abstract: In developed countries, aging, chronic diseases, and preventive health management have been important topics of concern. Many entrepreneurial have entered the start-up market, trying to integrate design concepts related to medical institutions, wearable devices, health services, cloud computing to build a better and more convenient platform. How to realize online medical services of traditional medical institutions through a handheld user interface and provide users with friendly and reassuring medical services is a thorny problem faced by interactive designers. This study focuses on telecare systems' user experience and service mode with handheld devices. The research methodology uses the concepts of co-creation workshops and the discount usability engineering. In this study, six experts with relevant telecare or interaction knowledge were invited to participate in a co-creation workshop. A persona and customer journey map were created after the workshop. Existing applications were then used to integrate typical tasks. Participants would use the think-aloud technique to simultaneously manipulate the tasks and speak their thoughts when conducting heuristic evaluations. Researchers recorded their task operations and conduct brief interviews to help investigate their internal feelings. This stage is to sort out the relationship between the relevant stakeholders in the service process and help summarize the user's in-depth interaction needs in terms of user experience.

Keywords: Telecare, User Experience, Service Mode, Interaction Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001693

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