Towards Establishing Benefit Society

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Authors: Shuichi Fukuda

Abstract: Up to now, cost has attracted major attention, because the producer produced their products in mass and cost played an important role. Although there were changes, they change smoothly, so that we could differentiate them and could predict the future. What customers wanted up to now is material satisfaction. And cost provided us with a quantitative measure of performance. Customers have been substantially consumers. They have been happy to receive and use what producers delivered to them. Cost was, therefore, very reasonable measure of evaluation. But the more products were produced in mass, the more diversification and personalization emerged. And customers are no more consumers. They want to customize their products. Thus, our society has moved from product-centric to process-focused. This change from consumer to customer may be expressed as moving from cardinal to ordinal. What becomes increasingly important is how we can prioritize our decisions. As the Real World is rapidly expanding and it is no more a closed world with boundary. The boundary disappeared, and it is now an open world. To express this change another way, our customers have been homogeneous, but now they are very much heterogenous. And data are no more only numbers, but they contain a wide variety of information. So, the idea of benefit emerged as an opposite to cost. We, customers, enjoy the benefit or performance of products. Even if the prices might become higher, customers are happier with products what works for them to enjoy. But in contrast to cost, benefit is different from person to person. Let us take music for example. Music can be expressed using musical scores. But if we play music based on musical score every time, then we will get bored soon. We would not go for music to enjoy. We enjoy music because it is played differently from player to player. Just as in the case of music, our benefits are different from person to person. Benefit is very much personal. But we enjoy listening to the same music or looking at the same picture, although our personal benefit varies from person to person. Why? These music and pictures provide us with a common platform, which we share, but which provides us with the opportunity to enjoy our own personal benefit.In ICT, they point out that the next generation will be the age of service. This service means shared platform, which allows everyone to process ICT his or her own way. Society is where we share our life. Thus, we should do our best and move toward establishing benefit society.

Keywords: benefit Society, Dommon Platform, Goal Finding, Joy Sharing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001773

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