Design Method of Personalized HMI for Automobile Dashboard

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Authors: Zilu ChenBo Liu

Abstract: In recent years, the mechanical dashboard of automobile has evolved into an all-digital one, which has brought the innovation of content display mode and the improvement of related functions. This is because in the transformation of the automotive industry, users have become more focused on the driving experience than before, and they have shifted their focus on car styling and interior design to the human-machine interaction (HMI). As a result, automobile brands on the market have introduced many distinctive HMI designs for dashboard. The author previously cooperated with WM Motor Technology Co., Ltd. to launch a commercial in-vehicle application, which allows the appearance of dashboard to be changed according to the user's emotion and preferences, catering to the individual needs. Nevertheless, in the process of cooperation between the enterprise and designers, the design principles of traditional dashboard are still followed, and there is a lack of suitable design methods of personalized HMI for digital dashboard. Therefore, this paper attempts to create a design method that provides guidance for the aforesaid process. Based on the emotional design theory, it puts forward the principles of aesthetic, usability and experience, and guides designers on how to design and what to avoid from the perspective of user experience. Besides, it also proposes some new ideas for the development of personalized theme design of dashboard, such as customized design service, multi-sensory experience, etc. This paper aims to get more designers and developers involved in the co-creation of dashboard theme design and strive to improve the users’ experience. Additionally, the design thinking method described in this paper can also provide reference for the design of other products.

Keywords: design method, dashboard, HMI, emotional design, personalization

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001786

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