Introducing a game to generate a sense of enjoyment and acceptance in the process of decision-making

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Satoki FujimotoKouyou OtsuTomoko Izumi

Abstract: We examined casual decision-making among a group of participants, which frequently occurs in daily life. In such a situation, participants do not have strong preferences for the decision. In addition, because the process of decision-making among people is part of the time they spend together, it is important to feel enjoyment in the process and satisfaction with the final decision. In this paper, we propose a game mechanism for generating a sense of enjoyment in the decision-making process through communication and a sense of acceptance of the final decision. We experimentally compared two ways to make decisions about beverages: 1) majority voting and 2) the proposed game. In the latter case, the participants enjoyed playing the game and were satisfied with the decision-making process.

Keywords: Decision making, Game design, Communication

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001775

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