Design and Evaluation of a Device for Ecological Momentary Assessment with Workers in a Garment Factory

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ana Correia De BarrosR MoutinhoCatarina CorreiaGonçalo LemosCarlos ResendeLiliana CunhaDaniel SilvaSarah MaggioliSusana Brito Amorim

Abstract: Chronic sick leaves in Europe are strongly related to mental health issues. Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) enables collecting data on mental health, but it is challenging to implement in fast-paced and controlled work environments. We describe the design of an EMA device for workers in a garment factory, along with individual data visualisation, which were evaluated in naturalistic setting with eight workers for one week during work hours to understand whether and how participants would engage with the device. Participants easily used the device at work and appropriated it in different ways, mainly by extending its declared function. Confrontation with individual data visualisations led to episodes of self-discovery and participants suggested extending the use of the device to more operators to get a picture of workers’ wellbeing. However, participants expressed doubts about data validity.

Keywords: Ecological Momentary Assessment, Appropriation, Manufacturing, Mental health

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001796

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