Punch it baby! Exploring gestural interactions to reduce the emotion of anger for new car buyers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Inwai ChanHanyuan LiZhengqing PengBojuan RenRuikang WangYushan WenXiaojian WuFan YangRuotong ZhangNingxin ZhaoLu WangWei Liu

Abstract: This study focuses on how new buyers experience the angry emotions while driving, which could be a dangerous situation leading to car accidents. The research team develops an interactive physical prototype suitable for the new buyers to deal with anger while driving. The direct interactions between the driver and the car's glazing include detecting decibels, absorbing punching pressure, and recognizing facial expressions. With the help of special glazing, new buyers can pay attention to driving safety and release the emotion and calm down better. Further investigations are needed to optimize the design of interactions.

Keywords: Creative, innovation, driver

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001797

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