Design and research of household small electric drill based on users' perceptual needs

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Authors: Shuyu WuJie ZhangYuchao CaiGang Liu

Abstract: Objective: in order to solve the problem that the existing electric drill does not consider the perceptual needs of users, optimize the existing household electric drill, Bring better "double experience" to users (emotional experience and use experience) and improve the visual presentation effect of the electric drill. Methods:1, collect the samples of the existing electric drill through network collection and field investigation, and analyze the modeling characteristics, color and material of the electric drill in the market, as well as the volume and operability of the electric drill through the collected pictures of the electric drill. Classify and summarize the pictures, screen them by experts, and eliminate them after they are similar to the samples, Eight relevant samples were obtained; 2: Through investigation, it is found that the appearance and shape of the existing household electric drill are lack of aesthetics, the volume is large, it is difficult to master, and dust will be scattered in use, which is lack of environmental protection and safety. Therefore, this paper positions the design of household electric drill products as beautiful, small, easy to operate, environmental protection and safety. 3: Through user research and brainstorming, the vocabulary that is not of great significance to the design of household electric drill products is deleted, and 6 pairs of perceptual image words are selected; 4: Starting from users' perceptual needs, understand users' emotional needs, use the semantic difference method in perceptual engineering, and make a seven level test scale according to the eight samples and six pairs of perceptual words. Collect users' emotional demands for household electric drill through the seven level scale questionnaire, and according to the results of the survey questionnaire, The entropy weight method is used to analyze the questionnaire data and the correlation between the data. Results: 1: the reliability of the data was evaluated, and the results showed that the questionnaire results had good reliability, 2: After standardizing the survey data by entropy weight method and relevant calculation, the importance ranking of six pairs of perceptual words and the data indicators between each sample are obtained. The correlation, strong correlation and strong correlation between words are calculated by Pearson correlation; 3: According to the above data processing results, it is found that the most important thing of household electric drill is environmental protection, which means that the electric drill will not produce a large amount of debris to pollute the surrounding environment and human health during use; Labor saving and light means that the overall volume of the electric drill should be light and easy to master, so as not to make the hole deviate; Simplicity is to minimize the complex design of product modeling design, and it is found that there is a strong correlation between labor-saving, lightness and simplicity. Therefore, the above perceptual words correspond to the design elements of household electric drill respectively, and a household small electric drill is designed according to the samples with high scores. Conclusion: under the guidance of semantic difference method and entropy weight method in perceptual engineering, the users' perceptual emotional needs are rationalized and digitized, the subjective components of designers in designing products are reduced, and a certain direction is provided for the design of household electric drill, so as to design a household electric drill more in line with the users' perceptual needs.

Keywords: Household electric drill, Perceptual engineering, Entropy weight method, Pearson correlation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001805

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