An Installation on Immersive Dining of Image and Food

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jia-Ming DayTzu-Ching HuangLien-Cheng WangWei-Chih LinShu-Yu Lin

Abstract: This research studied the immersive projection technology based on the dining experience of a set meal to show the dining atmosphere, reshape the cultural memory of culinary arts, and highlight the connotation of image and taste. The immersive installations are planned in a dining space with a square table to accommodate eight people. In addition, it is matched with a wall projection to present a sense of a fully immersive environment. The use of infrared cameras and visual recognition results allows the participants to see the presentations. The immersive experiences are in three areas: tabletop, tablewares, and walls. The tabletop shows the abstract images related to the meal; the tablewares interact with dining actions; the surrounding walls of the dining space present the consequence animation from the tabletop. The findings of setting up the projection and detection devices related to the three essential areas to support the immersive experiences in a square-shaped structure space are stated in this paper. The research result describes creating the image related to the food taste, traceability, and surrounding environment.

Keywords: immersive, dining, image and food

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001810

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