The smell of the scene - Mapping the digital smell of scenes around Beijing

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Authors: Xiaotian Sun

Abstract: Smell is an sensation underrated in our life.In the culture dominated by vision, it is common to try to hide and deny the true smell of things.But smell may be the strongest and most interesting sensations humans possess: it is primitive, instinctive, sensual, and uncontrollable. We are surrounded by smells, they process through the air, and we cannot avoid perceiving them.We perceive the quality of things through smell, and we get thousands of messages from a large number of small particles that reach our nostrils . It communicates with people directly and exchanges information.Smell can reach the marginal regions of the brain before we feel any other sensory stimuli, because this is the most primitive part of human experience related to the strongest emotions.In order to explore digital smell,I designed a “scentgraphy” in my previous work, and establishing the relationship between color and smell is my main job.In this paper,I'll started to establish the relationship between the smell and scene to make the digital smell more accurate.and it is expected in the next research that the relationship between smell and scene will be applied the scentgraphy4.0 based on computer vision recognition .Therefore, my research aim in this article is to use common scene in our everyday life or the nature to map with their corresponding smell. However, due to the different geographical and cultural gap, the smell of the same scene may appear different, because this study will be studied that be selected in different scene of a city.In this paper, my research aims to use the common scene in our everyday life or the nature to map with their corresponding smell in order to establish the relationship between scene and smell. In the research process, take Beijing as an example, and record the smell of 6 kinds of outdoor scenes through on-site perception and photography. The research result will be applied in digital olfactory project related with computer vision recognition.In order to explore the digitization of smell, this paper will explore representative smell from the same kind of scene.By drawing on DrKate McLean's Smell Map method, which was used to study and design urban smell scenes, the participants were able to discover the unique odor from the urban environment. The common scenes in daily life or nature are mapped to their corresponding scents, while this paper focuses on finding the most common scents in the same type of scenes.Participants selected a scene to take pictures feel and analyze the smell of the scene(the smell was divided into different experience values of 1-5),and finally record the time, place and noise value(the noise was also divided into experience values of different values of 1-5).When collecting the questionnaire ,we will Qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis these subjective data to get the unique smell scene in each scene of Beijing. The result are used as the basis for the subsequent smell calculation model and smell database.Due to the differences between regions and cultures, different smell may appear in the same scene, because I chose different scenes(and representative scenes)in Beijing for this study. Finally, the data collected during the experiment were used to explore the connection between scene and smell.The whole experiment was divided into four parts.The experiment started on the internet. Volunteers collect data, recover and process data, analyze and summarize data.

Keywords: HCI, olfaction, experience design, Digital scent,Smell Informatization

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001777

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