Self Sustaining Society (SSS) for the Next Generation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shuichi Fukuda

Abstract: The Industrial Society is approaching its end. It satisfied our needs for products, but our needs shifted from material satisfaction to mental satisfaction, and now we are pursuing “Self-Actualization”, which is the highest need of the human. Therefore, we should change our perspective and do our best to develop such a society where self-sustaining and self-satisfying become most important. In short, we should develop a society of “Self” for the next generation. Then, most of the issues of the industrial Society will be solved. We will live no more for today, but for tomorrow. “Self-Society” brings us dreams. The efforts to make our dreams come true are really a challenge and a challenge is a core and mainspring of all human activities.

Keywords: Self Sustaing Society, Work for yourself, DIY, Self-Atualization Desire, Human Needs, Self-Determination Theory, Needs for Growth

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001779

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