Design of Firefighter's special call unit based on Emotional Design theory

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Authors: Yonghong WangYing Cao

Abstract: Based on the use environment and requirements of the firefighter's special call unit, the paper aims to improve the design of firefighter's special call unit from the perspective of emotional design. The method that includes questionnaire and interview is adopted to explore firefighters' needs and appearance preference for such product, with literature researches combined to obtain the technical parameters and functions that meet the needs of users. Emotional design theory is used to improve the design of firefighters' special call unit. The firefighter's call for help is improved through the emotional design method, the shape is more in line with the firefighter's preference, the functional structure is optimized and a smart terminal solution is proposed to connect the pad and the firefighter's call unit to the backfield receiving device to improve the use of it. Emotional design theory is used to innovate and upgrade the appearance of the product, and to complete the design of the firefighter's rescue device and the backfield command APP. This design is of great significance to better protect the life safety of firefighters and promote the cause of fire safety.

Keywords: product design;emotional design;firefighter’s special call unit; fire safety

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001780

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