Job Search App Design for College Students Based on Emotional Experience

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Puning WangBing Xiao

Abstract: In the post-pandemic era, the employment pressure of college students is increasing, and their negative emotions are increasing day by day during the job-hunting. Although there are lots of Internet-based job hunting platforms, college students are prone to information anxiety due to a large amount of job information and complicated procedures. On the basis of investigating and analyzing the job-seeking needs of Chinese college students, this paper analyzes the instinct level, behavior level and reflection level, and proposes the emotional design strategy for college students' job-seeking app. And designed an application suitable for college students to apply for jobs, hoping to effectively alleviate the negative mood of college students for job hunting.

Keywords: Emotional design, Job hunting for college students, Alleviating anxiety, Job hunting products

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001782

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