The autonomy of cultural inheritance and innovation from the process of Venus' Ideological Development

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Authors: Ding DianfanWuzhong Zhou

Abstract: Venus’ ideology has gone through various stages, including the primitive reproduction worship in the Paleolithic Age, the classical goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greece and Rome, the humanism of decline and revival in the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, the secular humanity of vigorous development in the late Renaissance and the deconstructive cultural symbols after the twentieth century. The “Venus” is currently the convention of public aesthetics, the reconstruction of love and beauty, and the desire to impress people forever. It breaks the boundaries between classical art and public life, and stimulates the autonomy of cultural inheritance and innovation. This paper will specifically analyze the development of Venus’ ideology, and analyze the connotation and practical path of the autonomy of cultural inheritance and innovation through this example.

Keywords: Venus, Ideology, Culture, Innovation, Art

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001859

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