Cross-Cultural Management of Chinese Traditional Theatre Industry Based on Broadway Operation Model

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xilin ChenTao Xi

Abstract: Broadway, as one of the leading commercial show districts in the West, has a mature commercial experience and operation model. The theatre industry on Broadway is different from other places, and its production and marketing methods have also proven to be highly successful. This paper analyses the business model, artistic concept, communication strategy, and user research of Western theatre based on Broadway at the academic level. At the practical level, the paper investigates the cross-cultural management and communication model of the Chinese theatre industry. The Broadway theatre management that operates separately for theatres and productions, together with the art form that focuses on scenery, stage art, and sound effects, is applied to the management and communication of the traditional Chinese theatre industry. The paper aims at promoting traditional culture and making traditional theatre more suitable for modern aesthetic needs and market demands. The contribution of the paper is to improve traditional Chinese theatre into a creator-centered theatre performance consisting of music, song, dance, and dialogue in a cross-cultural context, based on the Broadway operation model. A modern marketing campaign is used to promote exposure and sustainability. As a result, a framework for Chinese traditional theatre products based on cross-culture is constructed.

Keywords: Cultural industry management, Cross-cultural management, Traditional Chinese theatre, Broadway, Product design, Business model

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001860

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