Design Strategy Based on Consumers' Cognition of Cantonese Cultural Product in the New Era

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Authors: Xingyi ZhongTaiwei Sun

Abstract: Cantonese culture is an important part of Chinese culture. From the perspective of the consumer side, with the way of in-depth interview and questionnaire, the paper conducts a research on the consumers’ cognition of Cantonese cultural product, and proposes a corresponding design strategy. The research shows that although consumers are interested in Cantonese culture, not many consumers pay attention to Cantonese cultural product. The main reasons include the lack of category, practicality and innovation of Cantonese cultural product and so on. To strengthen consumers’ attention and consumption of Cantonese cultural product, it is suggested that the appearance, visual symbol of Cantonese, product function diversity and the addition of technology and nostalgic should be considered for designers.

Keywords: Cantonese Culture,Cultural product,Consumer End,Design Strategy

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001855

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