Identifying Satisfaction Factors in Long-Term Use of Digital Products for Young Japanese Consumers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Toshihisa DoiAtsuo Murata

Abstract: The present study examined the factors leading to good UX that affect overall satisfaction in long-term product use. This finding would contribute to establishing design guidelines to enhance user experience (UX). A questionnaire was conducted to investigate overall satisfaction and impression of digital products. The four types of pleasures (physio-pleasure, socio-pleasure, psycho-pleasure, and ideo-pleasure) were considered aspects that constitute UX, and their impacts on overall product satisfaction were investigated. Moreover, what kind of product impressions lead to pleasure was also investigated. The effects of digital products' four pleasures and impressions on overall satisfaction were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. Physio-pleasure and psycho-pleasure were found to contribute to the overall satisfaction of digital products.

Keywords: User experience, Satisfaction, Long-term use

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001857

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