Teaching Eco Inclusive Design. An innovative educational path

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Authors: Giuseppe Di Bucchianico

Abstract: In the contemporary scenario, a substantial change is taking place: everyone now has the perception of the finiteness of natural resources (which are not unlimited and which must be preserved), combined with some demographic phenomena in progress (such as demographic pressure in some areas of the world and the aging of the population in other areas). All issues that refer to the broader issue of sustainability.So, wanting to prefigure a possible and desirable scenario, what scenario do we imagine for the coming decades? What will be the challenges, the demands of the near future, to which designers will be called to respond through their projects? What kind of training is required for them?The paper describes a recently launched teaching experience on the theme of eco-inclusive design. It is a new Master's Degree course, entirely structured in educational laboratories and workshops, to train experts in the processes of innovation of products, services, communication artifacts and strategic systems for environmental sustainability and for the emerging sector of social inclusion.

Keywords: design for inclusion, teaching, sustainability, educational path, contemporary scenario

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001864

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