How to co-design with older adults on community-level behavior change interventions: insights from a rapid review

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Gubing WangDena Kasraian MoghaddamCarlijn ValkYuan LuPieter Van Wesemael

Abstract: Given the unclear long-term effect and use of interventions for active aging, it is urgent and important to understand the facilitators and barriers via co-design with older adults at the community level. This study aims to lay the theoretical background on developing toolkits for co-designing community-based behavior change interventions with older adults. Rapid reviews were conducted in three disciplines to understand i) the effective behavioral change techniques for older adults, ii) how to co-design with older adults for community-based interventions, and iii) how to design tools for behavior change that are easy-to-use for older adults. The outcomes are a list of effective behavioral change techniques for older adults; guidelines for co-designing with older adults on community-based interventions; and a checklist for developing user-friendly tools for designing behavior change. These elements will serve as the foundation for developing the toolkit on co-designing with older adults for community-based behavior change interventions.

Keywords: inclusive design, design toolkits, behavioural change, behavioural change design, co-design, community-based participatory research

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001875

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