Sobreiro: participation and intervention of local communities in the historical and artistic construction of a stigmatized neighborhood

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Authors: Ana Clara RobertiHelena SantosDaniel Brandão

Abstract: This paper intends to discuss a collaborative initiative, carried out within the scope of a doctoral scientific research in the field of Arts and Design and an institution that supports socio-economically vulnerable communities. The work took place in the Sobreiro Social Housing, located in the city of Maia, in Portugal, home to more than 600 families. By using methodologies specific to arts and cultural studies, three main outputs were created: a documentary film, a photo exhibition, and a series of community forums that happen throughout 2018. The purpose of this participatory study was to tell the story of the neighborhood with the help of its first residents and to stimulate the young residents (between 13 and 16 years old) reflection on the present and the future of the community. The whole process was conducted through proximity to the local population and the neighborhood Community Center. This article presents and discusses the ethnographic repertoire gathered within this research, which includes oral and visual memory thanks to the direct participation of the residents in the research process, which valued their own perspective, creativity and points of view.

Keywords: Design for Inclusion, collaborative photography and video, participatory ethnography, cultural studies.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001879

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