Design of lnteractive Experience on Participatory Art Based on Art Brut Form

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ruihan Zhang

Abstract: As a mainstream art form of public art, socially-engaged participatory art takes art as an intervention means to stimulate the public's thinking on relevant social issues. With the expansion of the influence of participatory art in society, relevant problems are gradually emerging. The form of public participation is still limited, the sense of participation is not strong enough, and the acceptance of content is not high enough. The problem behind it mainly comes from the disconnection between social participatory art and regional culture, and the poor interaction with local residents. To solve these problems, improving the way of interactive experience plays an important role in enhancing the public's artistic participation and conveying the core ideas of artistic works. The Art Brut has the characteristics that the creator completes the works with the impulse of personal inspiration and the release of emotions in the creator’s heart. It does not limit the form of artistic expression, and calls on participants without artistic training to express their feelings about things in a direct way. At the spiritual level, it pursues independence and freedom, so it is more easily accepted by the public. By analyzing the examples of Art Brut involved in participatory art, comparing relevant information, analyzing the interactive mode, public participation and implementation of social participatory art projects, this project aims to seek the coincidence points between Art Brut and social participatory art.

Keywords: Interactive Experience, cultural innovation, Behavior and Activity, Design method system, Participatory Art, Art Brut, Public Art

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001880

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