Cultural and creative product design strategies suitable for the visually impaired from the perspective of inclusive design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Wei DingZijian Zhou

Abstract: Because visually impaired people cannot perceive the connotation of products through vision, it is necessary to explore product design strategies suitable for them. This article sorts out the characteristics of the visually impaired through the literature research and interview, and analyzes the problems existing in the interpretation of the products by visually impaired people. With inclusive design as the guiding ideology, meeting the needs of visually impaired people for cultural. A research idea is formed with cultural heritage as the core, five sense experience as the method, embodied cognition as the supplement, and equality and tolerance as the expectation. The conclusion of this paper is to realize the inclusiveness of cultural and creative products by establishing a multi-dimensional perception design model of products.

Keywords: Cultural and creative product design;Inclusive design;Visually impaired; Five sense experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001882

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