Responsive and Flexible Systems for the Non-typical User: A Design Methodology to Observe the Outliers

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Authors: Inés Alvarez-Icaza LongoriaSergio Navarro TuchRogelio Bustamante-BelloArturo MolinaAriel Lopez Aguilar

Abstract: The concept “non-typical users” comprises people who experience significant digital gaps that alienate them from the benefits of technology. This issue is commonly experienced as unsatisfying interactions with technological products or devices that show not flexible possibilities as a core feature. Accordingly, this research contemplates including the needs and priorities of the non-typical users as design requirements for technological devices. The outcome of applying these considerations might allow a deeper understanding of the best way for companies and designers to cope with present changes and challenges towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. The findings will assemble a design methodology that considers usability issues, providing alternatives for the design team.

Keywords: Design methodology, Non-typical users, Flexible Design, Educational Innovation, Higher Education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001865

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