An AI-Assisted Design Method for “Huayao Cross-stitch” Patterns Based on Semantics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Junchun ChenTie JiJian PengBin Wang

Abstract: Huayao cross-stitch is one of the first intangible cultural heritage in China, providing a rich source of aesthetic and cultural connotations for creative design.Construction of a database serves as an effective measure to strengthen the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. However, the effective reuse of the digital resources relies on the explorations and investigation of their cultural elements. Based on the cultural background of “pictorial artworks from Chinese traditional patterns all have meanings intended”, this paper takes “Huayao cross-stitch” patterns as an example to analyze their aesthetics. It proposes a transformation path for AI-assisted design and establishes a pattern semantic segmentation system and uses word2vec algorithm to strengthen the search system, uses pix2pix model and random algorithm to color and intelligently generate images, and explores the method of AI-assisted design without losing the traditional charm of “Huayao cross-stitch” patterns. This study can provide new ideas for the reuse of digital cultural resource and promote the value of ethnic patterns in modern times.

Keywords: traditional patterns, Huayao cross-stitch, semantics, computer-aided design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001866

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