Contact Pressure as an Indicator of Postural Stability in Digital Human Models

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Aijaz SiddiquiDibakar Sen

Abstract: This paper presents a natural stability model of Digital Human Models. In the traditional convex-hull-based stability approach, a posture is stable if the Center of Pressure lies within the Base of Support. The posture has no qualitative degree (less/more stable). Additionally, some existing methods use Functional Stability Regions and make the Centre of Pressure lie inside it. Though, this is based solely on experimental observation and lacks reasoning. Hu-mans sense contact/reaction forces. Very low contact pressure may provoke toppling, and high contact pressure induces discomfort. So, humans do not allow forces to rise beyond or recede below certain limits. In this paper, a Sensing-based method that involves estimating pressure at support points is presented to decide whether a posture is stable & comfortable along with its degree. The method provides a rationale for using the Functional Stability Region & applies to any set of support points.

Keywords: Generalized Mean Value coordinates (GMV), Stability, Convex Hull, Star Polygon, Centre of Pressure, Base of Support (BOS), Barycentric Coordinates

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1001901

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