Interdisciplinary industrial design strategies for human-automation interaction: Industry experts’ perspectives

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Naomi Y MbelekaniKlaus Bengler

Abstract: Abstract. Highly automated vehicles are the next generational stage in a long evolutionary process of transport technology. Thus, it is important to consider human factors and ergonomic (HFE) issues that challenge the success of this coming wave of automation technology. Hence, careful consideration of industries’ design differences and similarities for real-world use cases is important. Additionally, a better understanding of the technological, infrastructural, social, and legal aspects that govern human-automation interaction needs to be examined on a comprehensive level, irrespective of industry. In retrospection, an industry-centred approach will help us uncover nuances of understanding on human aspects of advanced manufacturing. Thus, N=20 industry experts were invited to contribute their knowledge. The lessons learned based on different industry experts’ levels of understanding are crucial to consider, mainly for principles or strategies that are aligned with safe and risk-free interaction longevity.

Keywords: Industry expert perspectives, Human-Automation Interactions, Comparative analysis, HFE and Interdisciplinary industrial design strategies

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002025

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