Design and Art: An Important Contribution for the Design Studies

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Theresa Lobo

Abstract: This paper explores the boundaries between disciplines and professional practices: between Design and Art. The collaboration between Artist and the Designer can introduce innovation and development for new design products. Associations with fine arts can be beneficial for the emerging design product. This approach implies a revision of the field of design study and a redefinition of goals, introducing the study of art, a concept that better describes the daily environment of students and which reoriented design practice towards social and cultural awareness. Within design studies, fine arts continueto be one of the least-examined areas that deserve serious attention, and the research methods and interpretive techniques used by design studies can serve as appropriate models. This paper proposes a model of design research used to structure projects in design education, exploring the boundaries between disciplines and professional practices, with relevant connections between design practice and the fine arts. This paper will utilize examples from a university design program to illustrate a model of design research, with an emphasis on artistic methods. The model will be critiqued as a structure for projects in design education and practice, where the fine arts have an important contribution.

Keywords: design boundaries, arts, creative

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002039

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