A Collaborative Co-creation Design Approach to Intergenerational Integration among Communities

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jianbin WuKin Wai Michael SiuLinghao Zhang

Abstract: In this study, we develop an intervention to promote communities’ social innovation activities. We apply the methodology and theory of co-creation and take an intergenerational perspective. Our aim is to promote communication, encourage role switching, build trusting relationships, and change the inherited perceptions of elderly groups and other generations. The ultimate goal is intergenerational integration (I-I), and we offer suggestions on how the challenges of ageing populations can be addressed and how “all-age communities” can be developed in the future. The model developed in this study using the co-creation design methodology, including the stages of concept development, evaluation, prototype iteration, and practice implementation, can promote I-I in communities and the innovation activities of intergenerational groups.

Keywords: Community Design, Social Innovation, Co-creation Method, Intergenerational Integration

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002041

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