Sustainable Development Index System: New design method about cultural and creative product

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Authors: Jinwu XiangMiao ZhangRong ChenHuajie Wang

Abstract: Cultural and creative products has provided important support for the cultural and creative industry. Based on the three basic principles of Sustainable Development Theory - fairness, continuity and commonality, this article uses focus groups and analytic hierarchy process to construct the product design basic element, cultural element and value element. The indicators of these elements include 15 design indicators. Using these indicators can guide the design of cultural and creative products to achieve common, coordinated, fair, efficient, and multi-dimensional development, Focusing on relevant design indicators, we finished some projects about Chinese Jiangnan cultural series products and waste glass products etc., which verified the effectiveness of the corresponding indicators.

Keywords: Sustainable Development Theory;cultural and creative products;analytic hierarchy process

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002042

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