The importance of design and digital media for the promotion and sustainability of cultural and religious tourism

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Nuno MartinsSergio Dominique FerreiraRita PerdizSusana BarretoCláudia LimaEliana Penedos-Santiago

Abstract: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and applications (apps) for tourists are key tools for sustainability of World Cultural Heritage Sites (WCHS). Their integration into tourism marketing strategies poses challenges regarding the satisfaction of the expectations of the target stakeholders. This paper adopts an exploratory approach, to understand the relation between cultural tourism and ICT and how digital technologies must be considered in the context of creating more sustainable, accessible destinations with innovative experiences that promote cultural heritage. The results reveal that ICT are essential tools for tourists and positively influence tourists’ final perception of the travel experience. The development of mobile applications must consider the expectations of senior tourists, who constitute a relevant generation for cultural tourism and are of special interest for the sustainability of WCHS.

Keywords: Digital Media for Tourism, Digital Design, Marketing, Sustainability, Cultural and Religious Tourism

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002047

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