Promoting a teaching platform for "Traditional Skills + Virtual Reality Technology”

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shujun BanMaria Rita Ferrara

Abstract: VR (Virtual reality) technology has been applied to teaching/learning in many contexts. Our interest focuses on the application of VR in design studies, allowing students to experience craft, (technical aspects, tools and methods), providing advanced means and methods for learning, and enabling the recovery and renewal of crafting and making. VR technology is used to simulate the space environment and technological process in the production process. Students will be brought into the simulated environment through different sensing devices, so that they can operate the objects in the virtual world by themselves, so as to enhance their feelings, deepen their understanding of the traditional technology, and better learn and create. Through survey sections we can achieve an understanding of students experience of VR for craft, and the enhancement of the teaching effect in a product design course. Finally, we can increase the inheritance and development of traditional skills among young people and in the future.

Keywords: Craft skills, Virtual reality technology, Product design education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002068

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